From where you obtain Costa Rica Import Data?

In recent times, doing business has not proved to be an easy task. Before initiating a business, it is important to understand and research about nature and benefits, which nowadays is a simple task all thanks to the Internet. For businessmen getting into import/export business, research for data becomes a very vital task. Costa Rica import data is easily accessible over the Internet. The country of Costa Rica is located in the Central part of South America.

Costa Rica Import Data

The country has a population of over 4.5 million people of which quarter of the population is settled in the capital, San Jose. The economy of Costa Rica is a stable one and is majorly dependent on agricultural activities and tourism. The data collected in 2012 indicates that Costa Rica stands on 82nd position in imports and majorly imports consumer goods, capital equipment, construction materials, raw materials and petroleum. Costa Rica import data advises that few goods including drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals, agricultural inputs, etc. must have import permits that has been registered with the Ministry of Health.

Both local and foreign company are a part of the Costa Rica import data. Documents required for import are commercial invoices, bill of lading or airway bill, insurance agreements and technical specification that include HS code, detailed product description, importer details, CIF units, and other acute details about the good. Any documents that are issues abroad have to be I correspondence with the Costa Rican Consular authority. Apart from this requirement, the data also informs about the taxes in the country. Government charges about a 13% VAT on goods, there is an excise tax on a few goods. Certain imports are also a subject to surcharges set by the government. In order to carry out the trade, it is important to have reliable import data for smooth business.

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