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Although India shares a vast history with the United Kingdom the trade relations between India and UK is definitely not a match made in heaven. United Kingdom and India share spectacular historical relations but their trade relations have been comparatively weak and non-significant. After remaining a British colony for over two hundred years India has emerged as one of the strongest economies in the world and is one of the fastest growing economies ranking sixth in the world based on nominal GDP and third based on purchasing power parity. On the other hand being a powerful colonial nation for more than two centuries the economy of the United Kingdom declined sharply.

UK Import Data

India is one of the largest investors in the United Kingdom but the trade relations of India and UK have not been very strong and significant. UK Import data ranks UK 21st among the countries from where India gets most of its imports. Data shows that though the bilateral trade between India and UK increased by 170% during 2004-14 but its total grew by 800% during the same period. India imports heavy machinery, car engines and aero planes which are imported after being assembled in Germany or France. The bilateral trade relation between India and UK has seen a further decline after the Brexit referendum.

The UK Import data comprises of all the information related to all the commodities which are imported in India from the UK along with the customs and tariffs applicable on them. The data also contains information related to all the shipments which come to India through air, water and sea routes with details regarding the exporters of UK who are exporting their goods in India, place of origin and specifics of the commodities imported. This data is of great use for anyone who is looking to import from the UK.

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