List of top importers, buyers countries in the world

Importer data is a set of information containing an updated list of top buyers in the world. It not only contains name of importers but also show their major annual activities. It assists in understanding current global market scenario and every fluctuation of trade market. With the help of global importer data, it becomes easy to know what they are importing,product’s description (Weight, HS code, price, unit and size etc.), from which country& port, at what price, in which quantity and many more. As per the recent report, world’s top imports are oil (crude/refined), electronic items, medicines, vehicles, organic chemicals, plastics, gems & precious metals, furniture, iron & steel etc.

 top importers/buyers countries in the world

Here is the list of top importers/buyers countries in the world. Let’s have a look on major imports and recent activities-

United States- It is holding the first position in the list of top importing countries in the world. The United States imported products worth of US $2.21 Trillion Dollars from other foreign countries. The traders of United States majorly import/buy oil, machines, electronic equipment, vehicles, medical equipment and medicines.

China- The second largest importer country in the world; China is situated in the eastern part of Asia continent. In 2016, Chinese traders imported $1.32 trillion dollars of commodities from top global countries including South Korea, Japan, Germany, United States, Russia and Brazil etc. The major Chinese imports are electronic equipment, mineral fuels, organic chemicals, copper and vehicles etc.

Germany- It ranks third in the race of top importing nations in the world.As per the recent global importer data, the largest import of Germany has been recorded of US $1.05 Trillion Dollars till now in the year 2016. Germany is majorly involved in importing Agricultural products, eatables, metals, automobiles, chemicals, oil & gas, medicines and electric items etc.

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