Get Statistical Reports of India’s Top 5 Import Source Countries in the World

Every year, India exports their top products to different parts of the globe in the large number of quantity. India majorly buys crude petroleum, gold, diamonds, coal briquettes, petroleum gas, copper ore, vehicle parts and refined petroleum etc. Here you can find the complete yearly statistics of these top Indian imports by country name with the reference of import data India.

percentage of total Indian exports

India’s top 5 import source countries in the world

1) China- China is the largest import source country in the world which accounted to US $60.5 Billion dollars or approximately 17% of total Indian imports. The major exports of China to India are Electronic Equipment ($US 20.9 billion dollars), Machinery (US $10.7 billion dollars), Organic Chemicals ($5.6B), Plastics ($1.8B) and Ships & boats ($1.8B) etc.

2) United States (US) -Machinery is the largest imports of India from the United States, followed by Gems & precious metals, electronic equipment, medical & technical equipment, aircraft & spacecraft, mineral fuels including oil, plastics, other chemical goods, organic chemicals and fruits & nuts etc.

3) United Arab Emirates (UAE) - The exports of United Arab Emirates to India are accounted for around 5.4% of its total imports. UAE majorly exports mineral fuels, precious metals, plastics, copper, aluminum, iron & steel, electronic equipment and ships & boats to India.

4) Saudi Arabia- The major export of Saudi Arabia to India are mineral fuels including oil ($13.9B), organic chemicals ($1.5B), plastics ($841.7M), gems & precious metals ($501.7M), fertilizers ($419.3M), aluminum ($192.5M), copper ($111M) and other chemical goods (US $96.7M).

5) Switzerland- According to a most recent and updated import data India, Switzerland exports wide variety of goods to India like gold, silver, wrist-watches, packaged medicaments, uncoated paper & paperboard, printing ink, auxiliary machineries and various instruments for physical and chemical analysis.

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