What is top 10 imported items of Costa Rica?

A recent import trade of Costa Rica worth of US $15 Billion Dollars made it the 84th largest importing country in the world. A minor increased (1.9%) has been seen in the growth rate of importation business of Costa Rica in the last five years. With the reference of Costa Rica importers data, the top import origin countries of Costa Rica are the United States (40% or 3/4th of Costa Rica imports), Mexico (7.6%), China (13%), Germany (2.3%), Brazil (1.9%), Spain (1.5%), Italy (1.2%), Canada (1.1%), and Chile (1.8%) etc.

Top 10 imports of Costa Rica

Top 10 imports of Costa Rica

Here is the list of top 10 imported items of Costa Rica, worth of items imported and the overall imports of Costa Rica in percentage.

Top imports of Costa Rica
Total imports worth (American Currency)
Total Costa Rica imports in percentage
Refined Petroleum
US $1.26 Billion Dollars
US $702 Million Dollars
Packaged Medicaments
US $455 Million Dollars
Broadcasting Equipment
US $374 Million Dollars
US $282 Million Dollars
US $270 Million Dollars
Medical Instruments
US $238 Million Dollars
Integrated Circuits
US $158 Million Dollars
Railway Cargo Containers
US $170 Million Dollars
US $149 Million Dollars

According to the above table, refined petroleum ranks first in the list of top 10 Costa Rica imports (represents 8.4% of total imports of Costa Rica) and the last position is hold by Corn (0.99%).

What does Costa Rica importers data contains?

Costa Rica importers data contains

Costa Rica importers data comprises product’s short description, Import Shipment derails (Time, Day, Date, Month and Year), Harmonized System Code of imported items, Load Vessel Name, Supplier’s Name, address and official phone number, Buyer’s Name, address and official phone number, Quantity, Net Weight, Unit, Amount, Currency, Transportation Method and Port &Country of Destination and shipment origin.

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