List of top Uruguay’s exports to the world

According to the most recent Uruguay exports data, Uruguay is considered the 94th largest exporting country in the world due to its last year’s export of US 8.1 Billion Dollars. A large number of products are being exported from Uruguay to other nations of the world including China (19% of total Uruguay’s exports), Brazil (14%), United States (7%), Argentina (4.9%), Germany (4.0%), Netherlands (3.8%), Mexico (3.7%), Italy (3.4%) and many more.

Uruguay exports data

Know more about Uruguay’s top Exports to the World with Uruguay Exports Data

Here is the complete list of top exports of Uruguay, total worth of exported items and their exports in percentage -

Top Uruguay’s exports
Total amount US currency
Total exports in percentage

US$1.6 billion
(23% of total exports)
Oil seeds
$818.3 million
$816.8 million
Dairy, eggs & honey
$585.6 million
$551.1 million
Raw hides, skins not furskins, leather
$277.2 million
$205.5 million
Plastics, plastic articles
$197.9 million
Live animals
$196.4 million
Milling products, malt, starches
$166.1 million

With reference to the above table and recent Uruguay exports data, Meat is the largest exported item in Uruguay which is accounted for 23% of total Uruguay’s exports. After that, oil seeds and woods are the second largest exports of Uruguay and represents 11.7% each of total yearly exports of Uruguay.

What does it contains in exports data of Uruguay?

It contains information like Date & time of shipment (Time, Year, Month& Date), HS Code of exported item, short description of exported products, Load Vessel Name, Name of the buyer& suppliers, Quantity Net Weight &Unit of Uruguay’ exported items, Amount & Currency Uruguay’ exported items, method of shipment, port & country of destination, name & address of suppliers & buyers and many more.

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