Find out the top products which traders exported the most in Russia

Russia is the world’s biggest producer & exporter of crude petroleum and second largest selling country of petroleum gas after the United States of America. A recent export trade of Russian crude oil worth of US $90.1 Billion Dollars in 2016 made it the 13th largest exporting country in the world. According to a recent report, Russia produced an average of US $10.83 million dollars oil barrels per day in the year 2015. The oil produce of Russia covers 12% of the world’s oil.

Russia export data

If we see the recent ups and downs of Russian export business, then it easily visible that Russian yearly exports are decreased by 3.3% from US $384 Billion Dollars in 2010 to US $316 Billion Dollars in 2015. With the reference of Russia export data.  According to the export data of Russia, the major export destinations of Russian crude oil are Germany, China, Netherlands, Belarus, Poland, Japan, South Korea, Italy, United States, Finland, Sweden, France, Lithuania, and Hungary, other Asian and European countries.

We figured out that Crude petroleum holds the first position in the list of top Russian exports which represents 28% of its total exports. The second largest product that Russian traders shipped to other countries in the large number of quantity is Refined Petroleum (18%). The other major exports of Russia are Petroleum Gas (8.0%), Raw Aluminium (2.2%), Semi-finished iron (1.7%), Raw Nickel (1.4%), Diamonds (1.3%), Wheat (1.3%) and many more.

All above information can be obtained from Russia export data which is available at many data providing websites. All these detailed reports are very necessary in the business of trade because it helps Russian exporters understanding the export market scenario of Russia and getting yearly statistics of all the Russia trade took place in the last few years.

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