Colombia import data is quite necessary for a trader

Officially known as Republic of Colombia this transcontinental country is situated in the northwestern region of South America and is situated in various territories in Central America. The country of Colombia is known as world’s 17th most mega-diverse country and has biodiversity according to per square kilometre. Trading is not only about exchanging goods and services; it is also vital for traders to maintain healthy relationships. Colombia as the bio-diversified country has a lot of offer.

Colombia import data

According to the import data, the country ranks 54 in imports and is a major importer of transportation equipment, industrial equipment, chemicals, paper, fuels, consumer goods, electricity, etc. Colombia import data mainly complies from the bill of lading details, i.e. when a cargo enters the Port of Colombia, the customs file a bill of lading. This contains all the information about goods being imported into the country. Colombia import data consist of all-important information including the name of the importer, date of shipment, HS code, HS description, new weight, gross weight, details of goods, statistical quantity, statistical unit, CIF, FOB, and transport method.

Colombia having a history of illegal trading, one important document to be submitted is the Import declaration; where the importer has to submit a declaration to the DIAN customs. This consists of all information including various forms, duties and sales taxes paid and banks where all the payments are made. This declaration needs to be submitted 15 days prior to the arrival of goods in the country; once this process is completed customs will authorise goods in the country. Colombia import data is quite necessary for a trader, it is important to know all the details and legalities involved so none of the minute detail leads to a legal problem for the trader.

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