What are the three types of Petroleum that Brazil majorly imports from rest of the world?

With the reference of Brazil importers data, Petroleum is in very high petition in the world that is why almost every country import or export petrol in the prevalent number of quantity. There are so many types of petroleum traded in the international trade market but the major three types are refined petroleum, crude petroleum and petroleum gas.

Brazil importers data

What are the three Major Types of Petroleum that Brazil Imports? Find out with the help of Brazil Importers Data

1) Refined Petroleum- It is one such item which is in very high demand among Brazilian people. United States is the largest refined petroleum import source of Brazil and covers 29% of total imports of Brazil. The other largest import source countries are India (18%), Algeria (13%), Netherlands (11%), Venezuela (4.9%), Kuwait (4.2%), United Arab Emirates (3.3%) and Spain (3.0%) etc.

2) Crude Petroleum- Nigeria covers 52% or almost half of overall Brazilian crude petroleum imports. Saudi Arabia is the second largest import source country of Brazil’s crude petroleum which represents 21% of total Brazil imports. The other sources are Algeria (7.3%), Equatorial Guinea (6.5%), Iraq (6.4%), United States (2.8%) and Australia (2.6%) etc.

3) Petroleum Gas- With the help of Brazil importers data, it is easily visible that Bolivia is one such country which exports the largest number of petroleum gas to Brazil (approximately 43%). The other major exports of petroleum gas to Brazil are from Nigeria (13%), Trinidad & Tobago (12%), United States (8.4%), Qatar (7.4%), Norway (4.4%), Spain (2.5%) and many more.

How does this data help?

The buyer’s data of Brazil helps thousands of traders in so many different ways. With the help of this data, traders can easily mark their competitors and defeat them by knowing their moves in the international trade market.

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