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India is the third largest importer of Crude Petroleum and Gold after China and the United States of America. A large number of Crude petroleum and Gold India imports from diverse regions of the globe. According to the most recent report of Indian imports data, India majorly imports petrol from Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Gold from Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

Indian imports data

India’s Crude Petroleum imports

Crude petroleum is the most imported and demanded product in India and the world. Most recently India imported Crude petroleum worth of US $89.3 Billion Dollars which accounted for approximately 25% of total Indian imports. Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of Crude Petroleum (21% percent of imports) to India. The second largest petrol import trading partner of India is Iraq (16%), followed by Nigeria (13%), Venezuela (9%), United Arab Emirates (8.8%), Kuwait (6.4%), Iran (5.8%), Angola (4.2%), Qatar (1.9%), Brazil (1.7%) and many more.

India’s Gold imports

With the reference of Indian imports data, around half of the Indian Gold imports (54%) is held by Switzerland. After that United Arab Emirates holds the second position in the list of top exporters of Gold to India which accounted for 11% of total Indian imports of Gold. The third largest exporter of Gold to India is Ghana (8.5%), followed by the United States of America (7.0%), South America (5.1%), Australia (3.4%), Tanzania (1.5%), Dominican Republic (1.4%) and many more.

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