USA import data and get complete measurements of US trade

With the reference of the US import data, China is the largest import source country of the United States of America, followed by Mexico , Canada, Japan, Germany, India, France, Ireland, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Israel etc. Around 25.8% of US imports were purchased from North American traders, 21.55 were originated from European region countries and only 55 of US import business profits were came from Latin America and the Caribbean regions.

USA import data

There are lots of commodities which United States imports in large number of quantities from different parts of the globe and some of them are Vegetables products (US $129.2M), Fruits & nuts (US $16.9B), Lead (US $1.1B), Wood (US $19.7B), Pharmaceuticals (US $93.6B), Meat (US $8.9B), Furniture & lighting and signs (US $63.2B), Stone, cement and plaster (US $7.9B), Textile floor coverings (US $2.6B), Vegetables (US $10.5B), Live trees & plants (US $85.6B), Perfumes & cosmetics (US $12.6B), Other manufactured items (US $6.9B), Milk preparations & Cereal (US $6.9B), Space craft and Air craft (US $31B), Watches & Clocks ($5.4B), Glasses ($7.6B), Fish ($16.3B) and Tobacco (US $2.6 billion).

There are lots of countries in the world which help US to improve its economy by selling their precious products to the United States of America in the largest number of quantity. US import data explains the basic details of the United States imported products such as name & description, importer’s name & address, destination country & port, pricing, harmonized system code, type, quantities of imported product and many more.

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