Sri Lanka- a very important country for international trade

In the recent time, trade has resulted as a profitable business at a global level. Globalisation proved as a great advantage for traders, since then there has been an increase in trade globally where countries exchange capital, goods, investments and services that led to decrease in transportation and exchange of information. The increase in trade then led to trade liberalisation, where countries have formed organisations that reduce quotas, duties and other barriers that help free movement of goods.

increase of trade activities

Sri Lanka has also become a very important country for international trade. Sri Lanka export data provides information about the procedures and other legalities involved while exporting goods. Sri Lanka, an island is located in Southeast Asia in the Indian ocean and is a major exporter of textile, tea, garments, spices, gems, coconut products, rubber, fish, etc. Sri Lanka is also an important member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and the first ever bilateral agreement of trade was between India and Sri Lanka in the year 1998. Sri Lanka export data also provides information about the document that is required for exporting goods including the packing list, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, insurance certificate, export certificate and bill of lading. Shipper must be aware of the demands of the foreign land, before exporting goods.

Performing business activities in other countries have requirements and varied trading processes. Every trading activity that is official is recorded as an agreement between two parties that exchange goods that include all documentation for clearance of goods within the customs. The government signs the export certificate while exporting goods to a foreign country. There are various procedures, licenses, forms and other technical data involved, for which referring to the Sri Lanka export data is a must.

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