Can we access import export data bank that gives information commodity wise?

When hunting for an import export data bank online, most of the traders prefer going with the one that contains information commodity wise. The basic reason behind this is that not all the traders are too adept with the HS coding and thus they feel convenient going with the commodity names. The sites that act as a data bank would ask the trader to enter in the year for which the information is to be fetched along with the name of the commodity. If the trader is not too sure about the name with which the product is referred to in a country, the category of the commodity needs to be entered.

access import export data bank

An important thing that needs to be known at this point is that when it comes to accessing the import export data bank, knowing the HS codes becomes a must. With this, the trader won’t be able to fill in any extra details as he is just required to enter in the code that comes in the digit levels. Also, the sites that provide the information often ask their clients to select on the extent to which the data is to be displayed as many would give top 50 or top 100 listings while other would give it all.

If we go by this, one thing that comes out clear is that the import export data bank that one chooses matters a lot. It is important make a pick for this wisely so that the export and import data that contains detailed information that covers up for the quantity and pricing value is made. It would be a nice idea to go through the sample data in detail as this will help one pick a reliable data bank. 

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