What are the Top Imports of UK, Major Trading Partners and Top Import Ports of UK?

The United Kingdom is a beautiful country located in the North-western European region. It touches border of Ireland by land and Belgium, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands by sea.The major import ports of the United Kingdom are London, Greenock, Thamesport, Southhampton, Immingham, Felixstowe, Greenock, Liverpool, Wick, Stockton, Shefield and Wisbech etc.

Trading Partners of uk

It ranks fourth in the list of world’s top importers and majorly imports, oil, machinery, vehicle and edible items. As per the recent UK importer data, the most recent imports are led by Gold which represents 9.3 percent of overall UK imports, followed by Cars which accounts for 7.29%, Packaged Medicaments (3.0%), Gas turbines (2.8%), Vehicle parts (2.5%), Refined Petroleum (2.3%), Crude Petroleum (2.3%) and many more.

The last year import trade in the United Kingdom worth of $625B made it the 4th largest importing country in the world. During the previous five years, a major hike or 0.653% has been seen in the growth of UK imports; from US $648 Billion Dollars in 2011 to $625 Billion Dollars in 2016.Let’s take a view on a list of top import trading partners of the United Kingdom-

·         Germany
·         France
·         Italy
·         China
·         United States
·         Canada
·         Japan
·         Turkey
·         India
·         South Africa
·         Norway
·         Belgium

As per the UK importer data, Germany is the largest trading partner country of UK imports. Germany’s top exports to the United Kingdom are Crude petroleum, Packaged Medicines, Cars, Telephones, Vehicle parts and Aircraft parts etc. The second largest country which helps in successfully running the import business of the United Kingdom is China which covers 9.5% share of UK’s global imports. United Kingdom majorly imports Cars from China (33% or the largest import of United Kingdom from China), Crude Petroleum (9.5%), Recovered Paper (3.4%) and Scrap Copper (2.0%) etc.

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