Let’s take a quick view on the list of top exported items in the world

As per the recent report of export data, global export trade recorded US $15.862 Trillion Dollars. Crude oil is still the most traded item in the world because it is needed in transporting both people and cargo around across the globe. In the last year, $275 Billion Dollars’ worth of Crude oil was exported globally. The other major global exports are electronic items, telephone, integrated circuits and petroleum gas etc.

Top Exported Products in the World

What are the Top Exported Products in the World?

·         Crude oil
·         Cars
·         Petroleum oil
·         Phone system devices
·         Integrated Circuits
·         Automobile Parts & Accessories
·         Packaged Medicaments
·         Computer and optical readers
·         Gold
·         Petroleum Gas

Crude oil is natural, unrefined and raw oil composed of hydrocarbon and other organic materials. World recent crude oil export trade recorded $679 Billion Dollars in the year 2016. Saudi Arabia is the largest exporting country in the world, followed by Kuwait, Nigeria, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Russia and Angola etc.

As per the global export data, electronic integrated circuits are the second most exported commodities in the world due to its last year export trade worth of $402 Billion Dollars. This item is used to create signals and detect responses from various electrical devices. World’s top exporters of integrated circuits are Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Germany, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and United Kingdom etc.

global export data

The world’s third largest exports are automobile accessories. It comes under HS code “8708” which includes motor vehicle parts, tractors and other related items. The largest automobile accessories export trade has been recorded is of US 360 Billion Dollars. The largest exporter of automobile accessories is Germany, followed by the United States, Japan, China, Italy, France and South Korea etc.

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