Top Colombia exports with price and total exports percentage

The top 10 exports of Colombia accounted for around 79.5% of the total shipments of its products to different parts of the globe. But since 2009, the total value of its exports has been decreased by 5.7%. Colombia yearly exports cover 0.2% of the global exports trade which summed $16.583 trillion in the year 2015. With the reference of recent Colombia Exporter Data, we can make a fair calculation of its total exports trading partners. In the recent years, approximately 36.9% of Colombia exports business came from North American regions, 29.1% of business came from Latin American region (excluding Mexico) and Caribbean and 18.3% worth of goods shipped to Asia.

Colombia Exporter Data

Complete Yearly Analysed Report of Total Colombia Exports with the Reference of Colombia Exporter Data

There are lots of different types of commodities that Colombia majorly exports in the largest number of quantity to different regions of the country throughout a year and some of them are listed below.

Top Colombia Exports
Worth in US Dollars
Total Exports in Percentage
Mineral fuels including oil
US$14.7 Billion
47.4% of total exports
Coffee, tea and spices
Gems and precious metals
$1.7 billion
Live trees, plants and cut flowers
$1.3 billion
Plastics and plastic articles
$1.3 billion
Fruits and nuts
$1 billion
$552.9 million
Sugar and sugar confectionery
$533.8 million
Other chemical goods
$511.5 million
Machinery including computers
$445.5 million

According to the above table and recent Colombia Exporter Data, Mineral Fuels is one such item which in very high petition among people of Colombia. With the help of our authentic and updated version of data you can identify actual buyers name & address, suppliers name & address, Harmonized system code, importers, exporters, price & quantity, unit and many more.

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