Complete Yearly Analyzed Report of Total Mexico Exports

With the perspective of Mexico exports data and below table, Mexican traders majorly export vehicles in the largest number of quantity. Around $24 Billion Dollars’ worth of vehicles Mexico exported to the United States of America which signifies 3/4th or 69% of total Mexico car exports. The other top destinations of Mexican cars are Canada, Germany, Brazil, china, Argentina and Colombia etc.

Top Mexican exports

The second largest exported item of Mexico is crude petroleum. Mexican traders exported crude petroleum of total $19.35B majorly to the United States (61%) o of total Mexican exports), Spain (12%), India (7.7%), Japan (4.0%), South Korea (3.6%) and many more.

Top Mexican exports

Here is a complete of top Mexican exports, total annual worth in American currency and the entire exports in percentage-

Top Mexican Exports
Total worth in American currency
Total exports in percentage
US$88.1 billion dollars
23.6% of total exports
Electrical machinery and equipment
$76.4 billion dollars
Machinery including computers
$61.7 billion dollars
Mineral fuels including oil
$18 billion dollars
Optical, technical and medical apparatus
$16.2 billion dollars
Furniture, bedding, lighting , signs and prefab buildings
$10.4 billion dollars
Plastics and plastic articles
$8.4 billion dollars
Gems and precious metals
$7.5 billion dollars
$6.7 billion dollars
Fruits and nuts
$5.5 billion dollars

Mexican traders

All such information can be obtained from Internet. Even internet is the most important source to get such type of information but it is not reliable and sometimes confusing. So, the best less time consuming and cheapest way to gather all this information is Mexico exports data. With the help of this data, Traders can get updated information about top Mexican exports and market scenario of México’s exports.

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