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Sri Lanka is a small island country situated in the Indian Ocean and touches borders of Maldives and India by Sea. In importation business, Sri Lanka holds the 58th position in the list of top importing countries in the world. The largest Sri Lankan import trade recorded till now is of US $19 Billion Dollars in the year 2016. The top 10 imports of Sri Lanka are accounted for over half 5/10th or 51% of total Sri Lankan imports. Sri Lanka majorly buys such items from China, India, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Germany, France and the United States etc.

Sri Lankan export market

Let’s have a look on the top imports of Sri Lankan traders. As per Sri Lanka import data, the products that Sri Lankan traders majorly buys are refined petroleum, cars, cement, gold, coal briquettes, semi-furnished iron, wheat, raw sugar, onions, pepper, crude petroleum, petroleum gas, telephones, broadcasting equipment, video displays and many more.

There are lots of major companies situated inside the border of Sri Lanka which assist their traders to effectively run their importation business and refining economy of the country.

·         Ceylon Biscuits Limited (biscuits)

·         Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (petroleum, natural gas)

·         Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (tobacco, food, beverages)

·         Colombo Dockyard (ships, boats)

·         Daintee (confectionery, other food products)

·         Dilmah (tea)

·         Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka (food, beverages)

·         Micro Cars (automobiles)

·         Pelwatte Sugar Industries PLC (sugar, milk, alcohol)

·         Rainco (umbrellas, mosquito nets, rainwear)

There are total seven major ports of Sri Lanka. According to Sri Lanka import data, the largest import port of Sri Lanka is “Port of Colombia” which is situated in Colombia city of Sri Lanka. The 5th largest natural harbour in the world i.e. “Port of Hambantota” is located in Sri Lanka and the newly added port of Sri Lanka is “Port of Hambantota”.

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