Identify all major trading partners of Sri Lanka

According to a recent survey held in 2015, Planes, Helicopters & spacecraft are the top imports of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka imported US $2.06 Billion Dollars’ worth of planes & helicopters which accounted for 9.8% of total Sri Lankan imports. The second largest import of Sri Lanka is refined petroleum ($1.51B), followed by cars (US $1.29B), crude petroleum (US $679M) and motorcycles (US $240M), and light rubberized knitted fabric ($539M).

Three major imports of Sri Lanka

With the support of Sri Lanka importer data, traders can identify top imports, importers, custom duty, applicable GST rate and competitors in the same business. There are lots of major and minor commodities that Sri Lanka buys from all different regions of the world including India (26%), China (17%), Japan (6.6%), France (4.8%), United Arab Emirates (4.7%), Singapore (4.6%), Malaysia (2.5%), Thailand (2.4%), Indonesia (2.0%), Hong Kong (1.9%), Pakistan (1.6%) and South Korea (1.5%) etc.

Three major imports of Sri Lanka

1) Planes, Helicopters & spacecraft- In the most recent year, Sri Lanka imported US $1.05 Billion Dollars’ worth of Plane, helicopters and spacecraft  from India which accounted for 51% of total imports. Even India is the largest exporter to Sri Lanka. The second largest exporter of planes & helicopters to Sri Lanka is France, represents 43% of Sri Lankan imports and the third & last exporter to Sri Lanka is United Kingdom (5.7%).

2) Refined Petroleum- With the reference of Sri Lanka importer data, Sri Lanka imports refined petroleum majorly from Singapore (39%), India (38%), United Arab Emirates (10%), China (6.6%) and South Korea (0.89%).

3) Cars- Sri Lanka majorly imports cars from Japan which accounted for (65%), followed by India (28%), Germany (2.6%), United Kingdom (1.7%), Malaysia (0.32%) and many more.

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