Get Statistical Report of World’s Top Traded Items in the World

As per the newest global trade data, Brazil is the major exporter of Beef, trailed by Australia, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, and Canada etc. Consistently an extensive number of beef sent out far and wide. The total amount has expanded by 33.9% since 2009. Around 66% of the aggregate world's exports of meat accounted from United States, Australia, India and Brazil.  Also, the biggest merchant of beef is the United States, trailed by China, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and European Union etc.

Top Traded Items in the World

The other largest traded (imported/exported) products in the world are electronic items. Over the last five years, a gain of 6.3% has been seen in the overall export business of the world. The other largest seller of electronic items is Hong Kong, followed by United States, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore etc.

The other most traded item in the world is petroleum whether it is refined or crude. In the most recent year, Saudi Arabia exported crude petroleum worth of US $100 Billion Dollars, Canada (US 50.3 Billion), Iraq ($47.4 Billion Dollars and the UAE (US $46.8 Billion Dollars). And on the other side, top importers of oil in the world are the United States, China, India, South Korea and Japan.

Global trade data assumes an exceptionally key part in knowing the best shippers of the world’s top traders and their best imports and exports. It helps in comprehending what items are popular among people of the world and what item stake no place in the international trade market. It helps in discovering the top import-export merchant's name, address and telephone number, short description of traded commodities, HS code, import port and export port, number of things imported as well as exported yearly, Unit, and in what estimating, strategy for transportation, exchanged in what amount, connected products and implemented custom duty etc.

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