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If you are new into the world of export and import, you should aware about the fact that United States is India's major trading associate. India's chief export products to US - comprise Information Technology Services, chemicals, iron and steel products, textiles, machinery, ITES, gems and diamonds, coffee, tea, and additional edible food items.

The lists of India's chief imports from US which include aircraft, computer hardware, fertilizers, scrap metal and medical tools. Moreover, America is also India's leading investment associate. Americans have made important outlays in India's power creation, telecommunications, petroleum exploration/processing, ports, roads, as well as mining sectors.

USA export import statistics

India and USA have approved an innovative Trade Policy Forum. Its sub-divisions comprise: Non-Tariff Barriers group and Agricultural Trade Group and Tariff.

Agricultural Trade Group- it is particularly putting emphasis on three aims: Endorsing on conditions that will allow India to export mangoes to the US, therefore approving Agricultural and Process Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) to promise Indian items to the standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and executing process for endorsing ripe wax on the fruit.

Tariff and Non-Tariff Barriers group - Insecticides put on by United States could be sold crossways the length and span of the country. Also, India has also settled to cut regulations on buy/sell of cold drinks. A number of medicinal drugs as well as lowering regulations on products those are not farming create.

The major items of Indian Agro Exports to US are:

·         Rice and rice products
·         New vegetables
·         Fresh fruits such as mango pulp, mangoes, and grapes

The Indian government actually plays a significant role in the growth and diversification of the agricultural items and food processing industrial region of the country. It is allegedly one of the major in terms of production, usage, export and development. ExportImport Data plays an important role in understanding everything in a better ways.

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