Detailed report of all the Argentina’s export trade

In the last year, around 29.6% of Argentina exports were delivered to Latin America (excluding Mexico) & Caribbean countries, 30.8% of Argentina’s export business profits came from Asian region, 17.8% were sold to European region and approximately 11.1% worth of products were exported to North American traders and 8.3% to African countries.

Argentina’s export trade

According to the Export Data in Argentina, Brazil is the largest trading partner of Argentina which accounted for 15.6% of its overall exports, followed by the United States (7.8%), China (7.7%), Vietnam (4.4%), Chile (4%), India (3.8%), Egypt (3.1%), Spain (2.8%), Germany (2.2%), Indonesia (2.2%) and Netherlands (2%). 

Argentina is one of the largest producer and exporters of Soybean meal which represents 17% of its total exports. Argentina majorly exports Soybean meal to Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia, Iran, Spain, Poland, South Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Italy, Algeria, Egypt, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, France, South Africa, Libya, Malaysia, Turkey, South Arabia, Jordan, Netherlands, Germany and many more.

Argentina trade

The second largest export of Argentina is Soybean. Last year, Argentina exported Soybean worth of US $4.32 Billion Dollars to all different countries in the world. China holds the first position in the list of top Argentina’s Soybean exports trading partner’s countries. With the reference of export data in Argentina, Argentina’s export of Soybean to China is accounted for 3/4th or 82% of its total exports. The list is followed by Iran, Egypt, Chile, United States, Thailand, Pakistan, Venezuela and Netherlands etc.

Soybean Oil is the third largest export of Argentina and is majorly exported to India, China, Bangladesh, Iran, Venezuela, Chile, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Korea, Egypt, Nepal, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, South Africa and many more.

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