World’s Top 5 Importers in the World with the Perspective of Imports Data

With the help of recent reports of imports data, here is the list of top five importer countries in the world, their top imported commodities and their top import origin countries -

World’s top 5 importer countries in the world

1) United States of America - The major imports of the United States are Cars, Computers, Crude Petroleum, Refined Petroleum, Packaged Medicaments, Knit Sweaters, Diamonds, Broadcasting Equipment, Seats, Vehicle parts, Diamonds, Gold, Valves, Gas Turbines, Video Displays, Telephones, Light Fixtures and many more.
Top 5 Importers in the World

2) China In the past few years, China brought products worth of US $1.27 Trillion Dollars from major countries in the world including South Korea, Germany, Chile, Singapore Thailand, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, United States, Canada, Brazil and Australia etc. The top imports of China are Gold, Crude Petroleum, Refined Copper, Integrated Circuits, Iron Ore, soybeans and many more.

3) Germany- In 2015, Germany imported wide variety of products worth of $989 Billion Dollars, making it the third largest importer in the world. Cars have been the largest imported item of Germany since the last five years. Germany imported Cars worth of $46.7B which is accounted for 4.7% of the total imports of Germany. The second largest import of Germany is Crude Petroleum, followed by Refined Petroleum, Petroleum Gas, Computers, Vehicle parts, and packaged medicaments and so on.

4) Japan- With the prospective of world’s recent imports data, China is the largest import origin of Japan which holds 26% of Japan overall imports. The second position is hold by the United States (11%), trailed by Australia (5.2%), South Korea (4.3%), United Arab Emirates (3.6), Malaysia (3.4%), Indonesia (3.1%, Thailand (3.4%), Qatar (2.7%) and many more.

5) United Kingdom- The largest imports of United Kingdom are Cars, Packaged Medicines, Computers, Crude Petroleum, Insulated Wire, Delivery Trucks, Gold, Wine, Aircraft, Valves, Telephones, Insulated Wire, Petroleum Gas and many more.

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