Why Peru is the 56th Largest Exporting Country in the World?

Peru is the 56th largest exporting country in the world due its most recent export trade took place worth of US $34.4 Billion Dollars.  With the prospective of Peru exporter data, the top 10 exports of Peru are accounted for around 81% of the overall Peru shipments. There are lots of top exporting partners of Peru in the world but China, United States and Switzerland are the top 3 destinations of Peru Export.

1) Top exports from Peru to China

China is the largest exporting partner of Peru and majorly buys Broadcasting equipment in the large number of quantity which is accounted for 10% of total Peru exports. The second largest export from Peru to China are Computers (7.1%), followed by Video Displays (1.6%), Models & stuffed Animals (1.6%), Rubber Tires (1.6%), Cars (1.5%), Motorcycles (1.5%) and many more.

2) Top exports from Peru to the United States

The second largest exporting partner of Peru after China is the United States of America. Recently Peru exported products worth of US 5.08 Billion Dollars to the United States which is accounted for 15% of the total Peru exports to USA. The major exports from Peru to the United States are refined petroleum (26% of total exports to USA), Corn (5.1%), Gas turbines (3.1%), large construction vehicles (2.2%), Ethylene Polymers (2.2%), Cars (1.8%), Delivery trucks (1.5%) and many more.

3) Top exports from Peru to Switzerland

According to the last year’s Peru exporter data, Switzerland holds the third position in the list of top exporting partner countries of Peru. In 2016, Switzerland brought commodities from Peru worth of total US $160 Million Dollars. The major exports from Peru to the Switzerland are packaged medicaments (worth of US $18.3M), integrated circuits (US $15.2M), Flavored Water (US $9.09M), orthopedic appliances (US $6.55M), Base Metal Watches (US $6.46M), Industrial food preparation machinery (US $5.89M), Vitamins (US $5.08M) and many more.

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