What does Philippines Exports the Most?

From the prospective of Philippines exporter data, around 2/3rd or 67% of Philippines export business profits were gained by delivering commodities to Asian region countries, 17.3% were shipped to North American traders, 12.9% of products were delivered to European region traders and 0.5% of products were transported to the importers of African region.

Top three exports of Philippines

Top three exports of Philippines

1) Integrated Circuits- Philippines majorly exports integrated circuits to China which covers 25% of total Philippines’ integrated circuits exports. The second largest Integrated Circuits export trading partner of Philippines is Hong Kong (19%), followed by Singapore (16%), United States (6.4%), Japan (5.4%), Germany (3.9%), other Asia (3.8%), Malaysia (3.5%), South Korea (3.2%), Vietnam (2.3%), Mexico (2.6%), Thailand (2.0%) and many more.

2) Computers- Most recently, Philippines exported their computers to different parts of the globe total worth of $5.86 Billion US Dollars. China is the largest buyer of Philippines’ computers and holds 33% of total export of Philippines’ computers. The second position is hold by the United States (14%), Germany (8.3%), Mexico (7.9%), Japan (5.8%), and other Asia (3.0%), Thailand (2.0%), Singapore (1.9%), India (1.4%), South Korea (1.2%) and many more.

3) Semiconductor devices- The third largest export of Philippines are semiconductor devices which represent 4.6% of total Philippines exports. The last year’s Philippines exporter data, China is the largest country in the world which brought largest number of semiconductor devices (worth of US $831 Million Dollars) most recently from the Philippines. The second largest export destination of Philippines’s semiconductor exports is Hong Kong ($ 728M). The other top destinations are Japan ($ 613M), followed by Singapore ($282M), United States ($264M) and many more.

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