Trade with the Support of Import Export Data

Every year millions of commodities trade cross the world from one country to another. According to a recent import export data, China is the largest exporter of the world and mostly exports computers, broadcasting equipment, telephones, integrated circuits and office machine parts to different parts of the globe including the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and South Korea etc. The second largest exporter of world after China is United States, followed by Germany, Japan, Netherlands, France, Korea, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, and Belgium and so on.

Trade with the Support

China also ranks first in the business of importation in the world. They majorly imports Crude petroleum, integrated circuits, Gold, Iron ore and cars in the largest number of quantity.  South Korea, the United States, Japan, Germany and other Asian countries are the top trading partners of China. The list of top importers is followed by the United States, European Union, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico and Italy etc.

According to a world’s recent import export data, we came to know that China and USA are the largest importer of plastics and plastic products. China imported the largest amount of plastics worth of US$ 14.95bn accounting for twenty percent of the entire market share. In 2015, United States of America imported polymer worth of US$ 4.41bn. It ranks second in the list of top plastic importers in the world followed by Germany, Belgium, India, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, France and Vietnam.

In order to run a successful business of import-export in any country, planning and background survey are two important tasks to do. One must have an updated version of world’s import export trade data to check background details and current market demand of world’s trade.

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