How can find statistical report of the top 3 exports of Panama?

Panama is a beautiful country located in the Central America and majorly involved in export business far more than importation. In 2016, Panama exported commodities worth of US $4.75 Billion Dollars. If we analyze the last year’s export data in Panama, there are lots of major products that Panama sells to rest of the world such as Coal tar oil, passenger & cargo ships, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, petroleum gas, packaged medicaments, Bananas, tug boats, rubber tires, non-fillet frozen fish, gold, diamonds etc.

Top 3 Exports of Panama

What are the top three major exports of panama?

1) Passenger and Cargo Ships- Recently, Panama exported passengers & cargo ships worth of US $741M which accounted for 16% of the Panama’s exports. The top export destinations of Panama’s cargo ships are South Korea (43%), Japan (21%), Poland (10%), Thailand (5.9%), India (5.2%), Greece (5.2%), Malaysia (2.9%), Germany (2.2%) and Norway (1.4%) etc.

3) Refined Petroleum- In 2015, Mexico brought Refined Petroleum worth of $90.2M from Panama which accounted for 24% of total refined petroleum exports of Panama, followed by Ecuador ($74.9M), Paraguay (57.8M), Colombia ($49.1M), Guatemala ($42.2M), Mozambique ($18.6M), Zambia (11.5M), Nicaragua ($10.4M), Dominican Republic (6 .91M) and many more.

What does Panama exports data comprises?

The export data of Panama contains detailed information about all the export trade that took place in Panama throughout the past year like top exporter’s name, export destination’s port & country, product’s description, harmonized system code, applicable GST tax & custom duty, exporter and importer’s contact details, date & time of product’s delivery.

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