How can find the list of top 10 major exports of Costa Rica?

The top exports of Costa Rica are accounted for 74.4% of the total shipments of their products to different countries visible on the world’s map. Costa Rica’s export business is increasing day by day and around 12.2% of increase has been seen in the growth of these exports since 2009. With the help of Costa Rica exporter data, it is easily visible that 44.4% of Costa Rica’s exports were delivered to the countries of North America, 29.7% were brought by the traders of Caribbean and Central America, 21.5% worth of products were shipped to Europe and 3.8% were shipped to traders of Asian region.

10 major exports of Costa Rica

Top 10 Costa Rica’s exports

Here you can find the list of top 10 major exports of Costa Rica, total value and total Costa Rica’s exports in percentage.

Costa Rica’s top exports
Total amount in American Dollars
Total Exports in percentage
Optical, technical and  medical apparatus
US$2.6 billion
26.2% of total exports

Fruits and nuts
$2.1 billion

Miscellaneous food preparations
$503.7 million

Vegetable/fruit/nut preparations

$463.3 million
Electrical machinery and equipment

$436.3 million
Plastics and plastic articles

$347.2 million
Coffee, tea and spices

$315.6 million

$266.7 million
Rubber and rubber articles
$228.3 million

$154.7 million

With the reference of the above table and Costa Rica exporter data, Optical, technical and medical apparatus are the most exported commodities in Costa Rica and Vegetables are the least exported items. Top trading partners of Costa Rica are the United States of America (34%),Guatemala (4.7%), Netherlands (4.3%), Panama (4.2%),Nicaragua (3.9%), Belgium-Luxembourg (3.8%), Mexico (3.4%),Germany (2.9%), China (2.8%), Canada (2.7%), United Kingdom (2.2%), El Salvador (2.1%),Dominican Republic (2.1%), France (1.7%), Spain (1.4%), and many more.

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