Get real time report of Paraguay’s top three export destinations

The exporter data of Paraguay represents the entire export trade that takes place in Paraguay throughout a year. Wide range of yearly exports makes Paraguay the 93rd largest exporter in the world. With the help of Paraguay exporter data, it is very easy to understand the market scenario and ups & downs of current trade market. It contains information like Paraguay exporter’ name & official address, HS code, price & quantity of exported item, time & date of arrival and departure of exported products, imposed custom duty and GST (Goods and Service Tax) rate, destination country & port, Paraguay origin’s port and many more.
Paraguay’s top three export destinations

What are the top three export destinations of Paraguay?

1) Brazil- It is the largest export trading partner of Paraguay. In 2015, Paraguay exported products to Brazil worth of US $2.62 Billion Dollars which accounted for 31% of total Paraguay’s exports. Brazil brought mixed mineral or chemical fertilizers from Paraguay in the largest number of quantity which accounted for 8.4%. The second largest export of Paraguay to Brazil is refined petroleum (2.8%), followed by Beer (2.7%), Raw Tobacco (2.4%), Planes, Helicopters & spacecraft (2.4%), pesticides (1.8%), harvesting machinery (1.6%) and glazed ceramics etc.

2) Russia- Refined petroleum covers 3/4th or 72% of total export to Russia from Paraguay. The second largest export from Paraguay to Russia are mixed mineral or chemical fertilizers which accounted for 21% of total export to Russia, followed by Potassic fertilizers (3.8%), Nitrogenous fertilizers (1.2%), raw aluminum (0.77%) and many more.

3) Chile- With the assistance of Paraguay exporter data, the major exports from Paraguay to Chile are Cars, wine, textile footwear, delivery trucks, refined petroleum, non-knit women’s coats, non-knit men’s coats. Knit socks & hosiery, rolled tobacco, plastic pipes, house linens, synthetic fibers, knit sweater, packaged medicines etc.

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