Get detailed information about world’s top four exports

The entire world is filled with exporters and every year lakhs of commodities are being exported from one place to another in the large number of quantity. With the reference of customs export data, the world’s top exports are crude petroleum, cars, refined petroleum, integrated circuits, gold, medicines, aircrafts, telephones and many more.

What are the top four exported commodities in the world?

Crude Petroleum- China and United States ranks first in the list of world’s top exporters of crude petroleum, followed by India, France, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Poland, Thailand, Spain, Canada, Greece, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, other Asian countries and many more.
Crude Petroleum

Cars- Recently the export business of Cars made profit of US $680 Billion Dollars which accounted for 4.3% of the total world’s exports. The major exporters of Cars are United States of America (25%), United Kingdom (7.3%), Germany (6.9%), China (5.7%), France (4.3%), Belgium-Luxembourg (4.1%), Canada (3.9%), Italy (3.3%), Spain (2.4%), Australia (2.3%), Saudi Arabia (2.4%), Russia (1.1%) and many more.

Refined Petroleum- the United States of America is the largest exporter of refined petroleum in the world and covers 8.1% world’s export trade of refined petroleum. The second position is hold by Singapore (7.0%), third is Netherlands (6.2%), followed by United Kingdom (3.6%), Germany (3.5%), France (3.1%), Belgium- Luxembourg (3.0%), China, South Korea & Malaysia (each 2.6%) and so on.

Computers- With the reference of customs export data; computers are the fifth largest export of the world. Around US $361 Billion Dollars’ worth of computers had been exported around the globe. United States is the largest exporter of Computers, followed by Germany, United Kingdom, China, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, France and Hong Kong etc.

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