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India is majorly involved in export business far more than importation and comprises lots of major export ports in almost every major state. In 2016, India exported commodities worth of US $261 Billion Dollars. If we analyze the last year’s India export data, there are lots of major products that India shipped to rest of the world such as Diamonds, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, cars, rice, raw aluminum, raw sugar etc.

3 largest exports of India

What are the top three major exports of India?

1) Refined petroleum- United Arab Emirates is the largest Indian export destination in the world. Recently India shipped refined petroleum to UAE worth of US $3.8 Billion Dollars which accounted for 13% of India’s total refined petroleum exports. The second largest destination is Singapore, followed by United States of America, Turkey, Japan, Kenya, Brazil, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Nepal, Australia, Oman and Malaysia etc.

2) Precious metals- India majorly exports its precious metals including gold, diamond etc. to Hong Kong (32% of total Indian precious metal’s exports), followed by United States of America (32%), United Arab Emirates (10%), Belgium-Luxembourg (8.5%), China (5.4%), Israel (4.2%), Japan (1.3%) and many more.

3) Packaged Medicines- United States of America covers almost half of India’s packaged medicines exports (44%). Recently India exported US $5.89 Billion Dollars’ worth of medicines to USA. The second largest destination of India’s medicines is South Africa, followed by United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Brazil etc.

What does Indian exports data comprises?

The seller’s data of India contains detailed information about all the export trade that took place in India in the past 5 years. With the help of India export data, Indian traders find very easy to know top Indian exporter’s name, phone number & address, export destination’s port & country, product’s depiction, Indian product’s harmonized system code, applicable GST tax & custom duty, date & time of Indian product’s delivery.

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