Find out India’s top 3 import source countries with import data

From the prospective of import data in India, 58.2% of Indian imports were brought from other Asian region countries, 17.5% of Indian imports profits were originated from European traders. Approximately 7.4% of commodities were imported from North America and approx. 7.3% came from African region countries.

India’s top 3 import

What are the Indian major imports from World’s top three largest exporters?

There are the lots of countries in the world from India majorly buys large number of commodities throughout a year. Here is the list of top 3 major import trading partner countries of India-

1) Indian top imports from China

China's exports to India amounted to US $60.5B or 17% of its overall imports. The major imports of India from China are Electronic equipment (US $20.9B), Machinery (US $10.7B), Organic chemicals(US $5.6B), Plastics(US $1.8B), Ships & boats (US $1.8B), Iron and steel(US $1.6B), Fertilizers (US $1.5B), Medical, technical equipment (US $1.3B), Iron or steel products (US $1.2B) and Vehicles (US $1.1B).

2) Indian top imports from USA

With the help of Import data in India, the top imports of India from United Arab Emirates are Machinery (US $4B), Gems & precious metals ( US $2B), Electronic equipment ( US $1.7B), Medical & technical equipment (US $1.4B), Aircraft &spacecraft(US $1.4B), Mineral fuels including oil (US $1.4B), Plastics (US $900.6B), Other chemical goods (US $864.7M), Organic chemicals (US $759.5M) and Fruits & nuts (US $645M).

3) Indian top imports from UAE

United Arab Emirates exports to India amounted to US $19.2B or 5.4% of its overall imports. Mineral fuels including oil (US $8.1B), Gems & precious metals (US $7.7B), Plastics (US $650.5M), Copper (US $526.3M), Aluminum (US $333.3M), Iron & steel (US $294.5M), Animal/vegetable fats and oils (US $293.2M), Salt, Sulphur, stone & cement (US $283.6M), Electronic equipment (US $199 million) and Ships & boats (US $127.3M).

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