Find export products list to get detailed statistics of world’s top exporters?

The world’s exports data is the detailed report of commodities that has been exported to all the different nations around the globe for last throughout one year. This plays a very essential role in cross border trade because it is the only medium to examine trend of trade market and targeted customer’s taste and preferences. No export business can run successful without the use of world’s export data. One must need to find export products list in order to know market demand of the product you need to exports.

top 15 countries which exports their various types of commodities

Here is the list of top 15 countries which exports their various types of commodities to different nations of the world-

1.       China
2.       United States
3.       Germany
4.       Japan
5.       Netherlands
6.       France
7.       Korea
8.       Italy
9.       Hong Kong
10.   United Kingdom
11.   Russian Federation
12.   Canada
13.   Belgium
14.   Singapore
15.   Mexico

According to world’s export data of 2016, China is the largest exporter in the world, followed by United States, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, France, and Korea and so on. In the recent year, China exported goods worth of US$2.119 trillion which accounted for around 67% of total world’s exports. China majorly exports electrical machinery & equipment, furniture, bedding, clothing, electronics items, vehicles, plastics, footwear and many more. The second largest exporter of the world after China is the United States of America. United States mostly exports optical, plastics, vehicles, Aircraft, electrical machinery, organic chemicals and many more.

Finding the updated version of world’s export data is considered the most important task to do in order to do successful trade information in the world. One must find export products list to be updated with latest trends of the export trade market. It is very important to know current scenario of trade market in details and it can only be possible with export data. The world’s export data represents the entire exports take place throughout a year in the world.

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