Details and information about all the exporters of China

If you are looking for China import data, imagine how your search would go; individual search for different exporters, then search for products required for importation, place of origin, tariffs and customs and shipment details. For all of these you would have to go by different search for all of these on different portals and imagine how tedious and time consuming it would become. But we at Exim working to make your search easier and handy by providing all the information you need on a single portal. You can access all the information you require without the need to run individual searches.

What is the Significance of China Import Data and Where to Search for It

China is India’s largest trade partner and Indian and China has been trading partners since ancient times. In January of 2017 the imports from China increased by 16.7% from the preceding year to US$134.43 billion. Among all the bilateral trade relations of India, the most important is the bilateral trade relations with China. The main items imported in India from China are machinery and equipment, organic chemicals and fertilisers, nuclear reactors, silk, mineral fuels and oil. Imports from China are also dominated by value added items like machinery especially electrical machinery.

India is the most lucrative market for Chinese manufactured goods ever since China emerged as major manufacturer. The China import data is very significant because it is the most essential and reliable source to get the real picture of Indian imports from China. The data contains all the details and information about all the exporters of China, what products they export, the commodities mostly imported in India from China, tariffs and customs applicable on the commodities which imported, place and country of origin of the imported commodities. The data also contains detailed information of all the shipments that come to India by sea, air and road routes and the data is mostly provided according to eight digit HS Codes. The China import data contains all the relevant information of Chinese imports, major commodities imported and the Chinese exporters of the goods that you require. All the knowledge that is relevant for you to analyse the market and plan your business accordingly without missing out on any business opportunity.

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