Understand why Bolivia Ranks 88th in the List of Largest Importer Countries

Bolivia is the world’s 88th largest importer country in the world and the 101st most complex economy according to the ECI (Economic complexity Index). Every year millions of commodities Bolivia imports in very rich high quantity from different countries of the globe including Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Colombia, Japan, South Korea, Peru, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and China etc.

World with the help of Import Data in Bolivia

With the reference of import data in Bolivia, the major imports of Bolivia are Cars (6.1%), Refined Petroleum (5.4%), Delivery trucks (4.4%), Large Construction Vehicles (2.4%) and Pesticides (2.3%).Here below is the list of top products that Bolivia majorly imports to different parts of the globe in the largest number of quantity throughout the year.

Top Bolivia Imports
Worth of imported products
Total imports in percentage
Machinery including computers
US $1.3 billion dollars
15.6% of total imports
US $1.1 billion dollars
Mineral fuels including oil
US $767.9 million dollars
Electric machinery & equipment
US $667.4 million dollars
Plastics & plastic articles
US $445.4 million dollars
Iron and steel
US $400 million dollars
Other chemical goods
US $276.5 million dollars
Articles of Iron or steel
US $250.5 million dollars
US $184 million dollars
Optical, technical, medical apparatus
US $179.3 million dollars

In order to lead a successful import business in Bolivia, It is very important to check background statistics, top importers, quantity & price of Bolivia import trade and all these information can only be fetched from import data in Bolivia. Finding the accurate version of import data is the most important primary task to increase profit margin and expanding business globally. One must analyze current market scenario and demand of top import products.

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