Value and demands of product in Chile export trade market

The top 10 exports of Chile accounted for around 83% of the total exports of its products to almost every country across the globe. Top 10 exports of Chile are refined copper, copper ore, raw copper, grapes, wine, sulfate chemical wood pulp, fish fillets, iron ore and copper wire etc. These large quantities of yearly exports made Chile 41st largest export economic country in the world. But some changes had been seen in the growth of Chile exports since 2009. As the statistics of Chile exporter data represents, the total value of Chile exports has been decreased by 4.1%.

Chile export trade market

The first position in the list of top export destination of Chile is hold by China which represents the 26% of total Chile exports, the United States stands at the second position which shows 13% of total exports value of Chile, followed by Japan (8.5%), South Korea (6.7%), Brazil (approximately 5.0%), India(3.2%), Netherlands (2.4%), Spain (2.2%),Mexico (2.2%), Canada (2.2%), Italy (1.8%), Germany (1.7%) and many more

These statistics are very important to understand the actual value and demands of individual product in Chile export trade market and all these information can be obtained from Chile exporter data. This data contains very detailed information about each and every Chile export trade that took place in the past years. With the help of this data, it becomes easy to know the actual and current value of exported product, number of items exported, destination port and buyers details, origin country & port and exporter’s contact details & address, applicable custom duty tax while importing and exporting the products, Goods and service tax imposed on the exported products etc.

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