Find out the top products imported in India last year

According to a recent survey, India imported goods worth of US$356.7 billion from different parts of the globe in the year 2016. The amount has increased by 33.9% since 2009. Indian data of imports shows that India covers around 2% of total global imports

top products imported

With the reference of Indian importers data, we can say that around 58.2% total imports originated from Asian countries, European countries exported 17.5% of imports to India, 7.5% worth of products from North America and 7.5% originated from African countries exporters.

Here is a list of products which represent the highest dollar value in India’s import business in the year 2016. You can also see the percentage share each merchandise category represents overall Indian statistics of imports.

Imported Products

Amount (US Billion Dollar)
Total imports in percentage
Mineral fuels including oil
Gems & precious metals
Electrical machinery & equipment
Machinery including computers
Organic chemicals
Plastics & plastic articles
Animal/vegetable fats, oils &waxes
Iron & steel
Optical, technical and medical apparatus
Ships & boats
$5.5 billion

It is the best way to know the current market trend and to cognize what products are on high demand and what products are on low market demand.  For everyone who is in the business of importation must have a complete knowledge of Indian Importers Data.

Indian Importers Data

It contains the detailed information of almost every imported product. Import Data is considered the best way to understand the international market trends. Here is the list of some information contains in the data of imports.

·         Name of the product
·         HS Code (Harmonized System Code)
·         Price of the product
·         Quantity of the product
·         Source & Destination country
·         Importer’s name & address
·         Destination country

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