Exports data comprises of details of all the goods and commodities

Exports refer to selling of goods to different countries across the globe. Exports and imports together comprise of international trade which is a common phenomenon of liberalized and globalized world. All the nations today are involved in international trade and the world has become a market place.  Even the most strong and powerful economies don’t have it all and depend on the exports from other countries of the goods that they lack. A lot of nations export raw products for manufacturing and others like USA, China and Japan are major exporters of manufactured goods and a large portion of their economy depends on exports. India is also one of the major export countries and is involved in the exportation of a variety of goods ranging from traditional products like jute, tea, coffee and also goods like organic chemicals, iron ores, gems and precious stones, pharmaceuticals, textiles and garments. India is the one of the largest exporter of food grains and in recent years has become the largest exporter of computer software and BPO services.

Beneficial for the business of Exporters

Exports data comprises of details of all the goods and commodities that are traded in the international market with information regarding the quantities in which these products are sold and purchased by different countries, the major exporter nations and the biggest international exporters of a particular product, taxes and tariffs levied on different goods In the global market, the country of origin of goods, shipment details and information of the ports of exportation. This data is collected on monthly and yearly basis by the custom department of different countries and is categorically classified according to the HS codes of the products. Exports data has the details of the shipments of all the products that are exported from anywhere in the world in a particular year.

Exports data is of extreme importance for the exporters and is very beneficial for them because this data is the most accurate source of information for all the exports taking place in the world in a particular year. Exportation business need data and figures like any other business for managing and planning the course of work. Risk involved in this business is quite high and this data is the primary source of information for risk minimization. Exporters can get knowledge of the most beneficial export destination for their goods with the most genuine and trusted buyers. This data serves as a tool for market research and analysis and speculation of the present and future market trends along with the customer preferences over time. Exporters can use the exports data to get an overview of the market they are dealing in and the prediction of future trends to maximize their profits at the minimum possible risk. This data is available online on all the websites providing Exim trade data.

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