Get familiar with latest imports statistics of the United Kingdom

In the past years, the United Kingdom (UK)buys products worth of US $636.2 billion dollars from different parts of the globe included Germany, China, the United States, the Netherlands and France. This rapidly increased rate of United Kingdom imports makes it the 4th largest exporter country in the world.On throwing lights on the recent UK importers data, we can see that the imports have been increased by 15.2% since 2009. Around 58% of total United Kingdom’s imports were purchased from other European countries, 22.8% were brought from Asian region countries, approximately 11% were purchased from North American exporters and 2.7% were from African countries.

united kingdom Importers Data

The top 10 major imports of the United Kingdom are cars, packaged medicaments, refined petroleum, crude petroleum and vehicle parts. In the past year 2015, United Kingdom imported the largest number of cars that represents 8.2% of total UK’s imports, followed bypackaged medicaments (represents approximately 3.5% of total imports), refined petroleum (3.3%), crude petroleum (2.9%), computers (2.5%), vehicles (2.5%), Gold (1.96%) and petroleum gas (1.8%) etc.

With the help of latest UK importers data, top import trading partners of the United Kingdom are European Union, Germany, the United States, China, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Norway, Canada, Hong Kong, Poland, Japan, Sweden, Turkey, India, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, South Arabia, Russia, Czech Republic, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Denmark, Austria and many more.

Finding the latest statistics of United Kingdom’s total imports is very important task to do to gain profits and to expand business globally. This import data of United Kingdom contains very relevant information including name of the UK’s imported commodities, pricing & quantity of imported products, UK’s import port, destination country, GST rate etc.

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