Find out the World’s Top 5 Exporter Countries

China is the world’s largest exporter in the world and mostly exports crude petroleum, integrated circuits, Gold, Iron ore and Cars. After China, United States of America holds the second position of world’s top exporters. USA majorly sells electrical machinery, vehicles, mineral fuels, plastics products, gems, precious metals, medicines and organic chemicals. Third largest seller country is Germany and they generally deal with selling vehicles, organic chemical, aircraft, plastics and so on. Fourth one is Japan which deals with cars, integrated circuits, vehicle parts, industrial printers and passenger & cargo ships. The fifth largest export economy is Netherlands and its top exports are refined petroleum, crude petroleum, computers, petroleum gas and packaged medicament.

Reference of Customs Export Data

With the help of most recent customs export data, you can find updated list of top 5 exporter countries in the world along with the worth of products they sold recently in the past year-

Top Exporter Countries
Export products worth (US Billion Dollars)
United States of America

The custom data of exports is considered a rising step in the international trade market to analyze new and previous market trends and demand of products. Shipment details and customs are the major source for this authentic data. Customs export data explains the basic details of imported or exported products such as Name, importer’s name & address, exporter’s name & address, price, type, quantities and many more. In today’s world, internet has become the most reliable source for all the active traders to fetch and collect the data of export when required. It is considered the major source of revenue of almost every country involved in the business of export at the international level.

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