Explains the present and future market trends with global trade data

Export and Import data plays a very significant role in the business of international trade because no one can compete in the business of trade without knowing the ups and downs of market. The data helps in starting up a new business or expanding an existing one. It explains the present and future market trends which is the basic requirement of every successful trade business.

Largest Exporters & Importers with the help of Global Trade Data

In order to gain profits and achieve success, it is important to know everything about competitors in the same business. According to a recent Global Trade Data, we came to know that China is the largest importer of commodities in the world followed by United States, Germany, Japan, Netherland, Korea, Hong Kong, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, Singapore, Russian federation, Switzerland, Chinese Taipei, Spain, India and UAE (United Arab Emirates).

United States ranks first in the list of top exporters in the world. China is slightly less than US in the race of exportation business. Third largest exporter is Germany, followed by Japan, Netherland, Korea, France, and United Kingdom and so on. Germany, South Korea and China are highly involved in the exports of cars, electronics, apparel, etc. In order to maintain the sharp positive trade balance, the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia are highly dependent on the export of petroleum.

Global Trade Data is considered relevant for every active trader as it provides them some unique information which was not known to them before gaining access to the data. It gives the detailed information about the suppliers and the quality of products imported or exported. It shows the demand of market and helps traders in gaining more and more consumer. It is also measured as the major source of growth for every developed as well as developing country.

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