Why Indonesia leading a successful import business?

Indonesia is the 31st largest import country in the world and 52nd most complex country according to the ECI (Economic Complexity Index). The Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste touch its border by land and Christmas Island, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Palau, India and Vietnam by sea. In 2016, Mexico imported commodities worth of US $135.7 billion dollars from around the world. The import growth rate increased by 40.1 percent since 2009 but decreased by approximately 4.9 percent from the year 2015 to 2016.

Largest Importer in the World with Indonesia Importer

According a last year’s Indonesia importer data, around 73.4 percent of Indonesia imports originated from Asian countries, 9.9 percent from European nations, approximately 6 percent products brought from North America and only 2.6 percent from African exporters. China ranks first in the list of top Indonesia’s import origins. The second largest trading partner is Singapore, followed by Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

Find Out Why Indonesia Ranks 31st Largest Importer in the World with Indonesia Importer Data, Here is the complete list of top import trading partner which help Indonesia leading a successful import business-

Top import origins of Indonesia
Total worth of imported products
US $35.4 Billion Dollars
US $27.8 Billion Dollars
US $11.3 Billion Dollars
South Korea
US $7.87 Billion Dollars
US $7.71 Billion Dollars

With the reference of latest Indonesia importer data, Indonesia is more involved in import business than export. It imports a wide variety of commodities including machinery which accounted for 15.5 percent of total imports, mineral fuels including oil (14.2 percent), electrical machinery & equipment (11.4 percent), plastics products (5.2 percent). Iron & steel (4.6 percent), vehicles (3.9 percent), organic chemicals (3.5 percent), cereals (2.4 percent) and food industry waste animal fodder (1.8 percent).

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