Can we find the list of top export products of the world?

Crude oil is one such item which is in very demand among top countries in the world including India, China, United States, Russia and United Kingdom etc. Every year lots of major countries export crude oil in the largest number of quantity. With the reference of last year’s Exporters data, crude oil worth of $786.3 had been exported in the world. Most exports of crude oil takes place in Saudi Arabia, accounted for approximately 20% of total crude oil exports. Russia ranks second and Iraq is in third position. These three countries are the top exporters of such a product that is in very high demand among the world.

Find out which Top 15 Products are Exported the Most

Cars place second in the list of world’s top exports, followed by petroleum oils, phone system devices, integrated circuits, gold, petroleum gas, automobile parts, computer accessories etc. Top exporters of cars are Germany, Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, Spain and Mexico etc.

In order to run an export business successfully, one must have a list of major products that almost every country exports.

Find out which Top 15 Products are Exported the Most and in which Quantity with the help of Global Exporters Data

World’s Top 15 Exports
Total Sales (US Billion Dollars)
Crude oil
Processed Petroleum Oils
Phone System Devices
Integrated Circuits
Automobile Parts & Accessories
Medication mixes in dosage
Computer and optical readers
Petroleum Gas
Blood Fractions
Aircraft and spacecraft
Computer parts & accessories

Every trader in the business of export must have information of their competitors and this information can be obtained from global Exporters data. It contains detailed information (Name, unit, quantity, price, exporter’s business details, source & destination port etc.) about each and every export trade that took place throughout the year in the world.

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