Find out the top global traders of tea with actual shipment records

Having a cup of tea in the morning is a perfect way to start a new day. Almost 70% of the people in the world have tea at least once in a day and most of us are habituated to it. Drinking tea is considered as one of the best way to diminish, energize, discharge, and trigger our body. With various health paybacks, tea has become one of the most consumed products around the world. It comes in 6 different varieties such as white, post-fermented tea, yellow, black, oolong and green. It helps in losing weight, minimizing high blood pressure and drops the risk of heart related disease.

top global traders of tea

With the high consumption of tea, its business of importation and exportation is increasing day-by-day throughout the globe along with its production and International Export import Data plays a very important role in boosting it.  Now with the advanced technology, fetching data is not a difficult task. Even internet has become the most trusted source of updated and authentic import & export data in the international trade market. Actual shipment records and customs are the most accurate and reliable source for this data. The online data is updated on expected basis and links are shared for information on any new laws introduced

According to a recent International Export import Data, half of the world counties are involved in the business of tea importation and exportation. Vietnam 104,700 metric tonnes) is the largest exporter of Tea, followed by India (203,207 metric tonnes), China (299,789 Metric Tonnes), Sri Lanka (318, 329 metric tonnes) and Kenya (396, 641 metric tonnes). On the other hand Egypt (107, 586) is the largest importer of Tea, followed by United Arab Emirates (103, 575 metric tonnes, United States of America (116, 746 metric tonnes), United Kingdom (157, 593 metric tonnes) and Russia (181, 859).

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