Confidential information of Ecuador import business

A large number imports take place in Ecuador throughout a year from different sectors of the world. Ecuador is one of the largest importers in the world and hold 69th position in the race of top importers.  It majorly imports Refined Petroleum (9.9%), Coal Tar (7.0%), Packaged Medicaments (3.6%), Cars (2.5%) and Delivery Trucks. It is very relevant to find a good quality and updated Ecuador imports data to keep an eye on the products that Ecuador from different parts of the globe in highest quantity

Ecuador import business

Here is the list of major commodities that Ecuador imports in large number of quantity from various top countries including the United States, China, Colombia, South Korea and Brazil.

Ecuador import Products

Amount (US Dollar)
Total imports in percentage
Mineral fuels including oil
16.4% of total imports
Machinery including computers
Electrical machinery & equipment
Plastics & plastics articles
Food industry waste & animal fodder
Iron & steel
Other chemical goods
Organic chemicals

For everyone who is involved in the business of importation in Ecuador must find Ecuador imports data to have a complete knowledge of ups and downs trend of Ecuador‘s trade market. Data of Ecuador imports is the detailed statistics of the entire import trade takes place in Ecuador. It contains very confidential information of Ecuador import business such as Name of the product that imported in Ecuador, pricing of that product, unit, number of items imported (Quantity), importer’s business contact number & address, import port and destination port, product’s harmonized system code and applied goods & service tax on imported product etc.

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