Figure out top products imported in India

India which is the 7th largest country in the world in terms of land area is situated in the southern part of Asian region. It touches boundaries of China, Burma, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bhutan by land and Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia and Sri Lanka by Sea. As per import data India, the highest export trade of India is been recorded of $256 Billion Dollars till now which helped it winning the 18th position in the race of top exporting countries in the world.

What are the Major Import Trading Partners of India

Around 58.2% of Indian goods are imported from other Asian region countries, 17.5% of Indian products are originated from European traders, 7.4% are brought from North America and 7.3% are supplied from African exporters. Top Indian imports origin counties are China, South Arabia, Japan, Iran, Switzerland, Germany, Nigeria, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Qatar etc.

According to the below table and import data India, Mineral fuels including refined petroleum are the largest export of India which covers 9.9% of total Indian imports. The list is followed by diamonds, jewelry, packaged medicament's, cars, rice, frozen bovine meat, crustaceans, non-retail pure cottons etc.

A large table is shown below representing top products imported in India in 2018, total worth and total Indian imports in percentage-

Top 10 Indian imports(2016)
Worth of Indian exported items
Total Indian imports in percentage
Mineral fuels including oil
US$89.3 billion
25% of total imports
Gems and precious metals
$48.1 billion
Electrical machinery and equipment
$37 billion
Machinery including computers
$32.5 billion
Organic chemicals
14.8 billion
Plastics and plastic articles
$11.4 billion
Animal/vegetable fats, oils, waxes
$10.5 billion
Iron and steel
$8.7 billion
Optical, technical and medical apparatus
$7.2 billion
Ships and boats
$5.5 billion

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