Top most exporters/suppliers countries in the world

Exporters Data is an investigative to examine and analyze the entre export shipment held in the world throughout the year. It contains an updated list of top exporters/suppliers in the world. It assists in examining the trade activities of top global exporting countries including the United States, India, Germany, China, United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, France and Italy etc.

Find the Recent Trade Activities of Top 3 Exporting Countries in the World with Global Exports Data

It contains very confidential information that helps in profit making and expansion of business. With the help of exporter data, you will find it easy to find out this following information-
  •    Who is exporting?
  •    What is exporting?
  •     How is exporting?
  •    Why is exporting?
  •    Where is exporting?
  •    When is exporting?
Here is the list of top most exporters/suppliers countries in the world. Let’s have a look on their major exported items and recent trade activities-

China- China is holding the first position in the race of world’s top exporting countries. It is positioned in the eastern part of Asia continent. In the past year, China exported/sold large number of products worth of US $2.06 Trillion Dollars to rest of the countries. The major exports of China are broadcasting equipment, computers, telephones and integrated circuits etc.

United States- The second largest supplier in the world is the United States. In 2016, the United States sold $1.42 Trillion Dollars’ worth of products to rest of the countries including Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and the United Kingdom. The major exported items of the US are refined petroleum, integrated circuits, cars, soybeans, telephones, packaged medicaments and many more.

Japan- The other major exporter country in the world is Japan. As per the recent exporters data, the largest export of Japan has been recorded of US $605 Billion Dollars till now. The Japanese traders majorly export cars, delivery trucks, integrated circuits, engine parts, vehicle parts and many more.

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