Which products hold the positions of top three global imports?

Petroleum (Refined or crude) is the largest imported commodity around the globe. The largest imports of oil has been recorded is US $679 Billion Dollars till date. China ranks first in the list of top importing countries of petroleum. In 2016, around 16% of total crude oil was imported by China. The list of top oil importers is followed by the United States, India, Japan, South Korea, Netherland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Thailand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Belgium etc.

In the list of world’s top import

In the list of world’s top imports, electronic items hold the second position. It covers approximately 13% share of total imports of the world. Almost every developed as well as developing country need upgraded electronic items. The major countries that mostly imports electronic items are India, China, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Russia and many more.

With the reference of world’s import data, it is simply observable that the third spot is grasp by computers which signifies 10 percent of world’s top imports. The United States is the largest buyer of computers in the world and majorly buys them from China and Mexico. Germany is the second largest buyer of computers in the world. In the most recent year, Germany imported computers worth of US $26.1 Billion Dollars from China (Almost half or 50%), Crech republic, Netherlands, Poland and the United States etc.

According to the latest import data, the other major product that almost every country visible on the world’s map imports are medicines, organic chemicals, Iron & steel, plastics, machines, medical & technical equipment, spacecraft, spacecraft, furniture, knit or crochet clothing, slags, petroleum gas, gold, gems and precious metals etc.

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