Trend of Sri Lankan trade market and analyzing demand

The last year’s US $11.8 Billion worth of Sri Lankan export trade made it the 81stlargest exporting country in the world. The top 10 exports of Sri Lanka accounted for around 3/4th or 76.8% of the world’s total exports. The recent Sri Lanka export data stated that Sri Lankan traders exported 33.1% of its products to European region countries, 30.8% of products were sold to Asian countries and 29.6% share of Sri Lankan exports were delivered to North American traders.

Sri Lankan trade market

Top Sri Lankan export companies

Some top export companies are Ceylon Biscuits Limited (biscuits), Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (petroleum, natural gas), Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (tobacco, food, and beverages), Colombo Dockyard (ships, boats), Daintee (confectionery, other food products), Dilmah (tea), and Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka (food, beverages), Micro Cars (automobiles), Pelwatte Sugar Industries PLC (sugar, milk, alcohol) and Rainco (umbrellas, mosquito nets, and rainwear).

Top Sri Lankan exports and their value

Top Sri Lankan exports
Annual worth of top exports
Total Sri Lankan exports in percentage
Knit or crochet clothing, accessories
US$2.7 billion
25.6% of total exports
Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet)
$1.9 billion
Coffee, tea, spices
$1.5 billion
Rubber, rubber articles
$801.8 million
Electrical machinery, equipment
$241.8 million
Gems, precious metals
$215.2 million
Fruits, nuts
$192.9 million
$182.4 million
Miscellaneous food preparations
$173.8 million
Mineral fuels including oil
$163.6 million

Top Sri Lankan trading partners

According to Sri Lanka Export Data, the United States is considered the largest trading partner of Sri Lankan exports (25% of Sri Lankan exports). The second position is hold by United Kingdom (9.4%), India (7.1%), Germany (5.0%), China (3.0%), Belgium-Luxembourg (2.8%), France (2.6%), United Arab Emirates (2.4%), Japan (2.3%) and Russia (2.2%) etc.

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