How Russia Imports Data helps in keeping Track Records of Top Import?

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of land area, borders Asian and European region countries including Mongolia, North Korea, Belarus, Ukraine, China, and Azerbaijan, Georgia by land and the United States and Japan by Sea. In the last year, Russia exported $282 Billion Dollars’ worth of commodities to the world which helped it holding the 16th position in the list of world’s top exporting countries.

Russia Export Data - Assists In Monitoring Every Trade Activity of Top Russian Exporters in Detail

As per Russia export data, Russian top exports are Mineral fuels, Iron & Steel, Gems & Precious Metals, and Machinery, Fertilizers, Wood, Aluminum, Cereals, Electrical Machinery and Copper. These top 10 above mentioned exports of Russia are represented 68.9% of total Russian exports.

A table is drawn below containing the list of top 10 Russian exports, worth of these exports and total Russian exports in percentage-

Top 10 Russian exports
worth of Russian exports (US currency)
Total exports in percentage
Mineral fuels including oil
US$134.7 billion
47.2% of total exports
Iron and steel
$14.1 billion
Gems and precious metals
$8.9 billion
Machinery including computers
$6.8 billion
$6.6 billion
$6.5 billion
$6 billion
$5.6 billion
Electrical machinery and equipment
$4 billion
$3.3 billion

Top Russian export destinations

With the perspective of Russia export data, around 55% of exports of Russia are delivered to European region countries, 35.7% are shipped to Asian traders, 4% of goods are exported to Africa and 3.8% are brought by North American importers. The major destinations for Russian exports are Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belarus, China, United Kingdom, Belarus, South Korea, Turkey, India, Japan, United States, Poland, Israel, France, Brazil, Egypt, Algeria and many more.

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